Progress in the Commercialization of Biojet/Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Technologies, potential and challenges

  • 02/07/21

IEA Bioenergy has just published the report “Progress in Commercialization of Biojet /Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF): Technologies, potential and challenges“, to provide an extensive analysis of the current and potential technologies for production of biomass based sustainable aviation fuels (Biojet/SAF).

The report summarizes the various technologies that are currently being pursued to produce Biojet/SAF from alternative feedstocks, with several commercial-scale facilities coming online over the next few years. The various technologies include gasification and Fischer-Tropsch to jet, alcohol-to-jet and catalytic hydrothermolysis jet (CHJ).

Read the full report and join the IEA Bioenergy Webinar on July 13th, 2021, to discuss SAF’s challenges and solutions!