Great success for the GLAMOUR’s Industrial and Transferability Workshop

  • 16/05/24

Great success for the GLAMOUR’s Industrial and Transferability Workshop, held on May 15th at TU/e Helix Building, Eindhoven!

The consortium gathered with key stakeholders from the industrial sector and representatives of EU-related projects to explore and discuss the latest advancements in demonstrating advanced biofuels and clean energy technologies.

The workshop was structured into two sessions:

In the first session, representatives from the consortium provided insights and updates about GLAMOUR, starting with a general overview of the project and then delving into the GLAMOUR technologies and processes in more detail.

Vincenzo Spallina, from The University of Manchester

Rouzbeh Ramezani, from Eidhoven University of Technology

Linus Schulz, from INERATEC

The second session was fully dedicated to the GLAMOUR sister projects: representatives from BIOCTANE, BUTTERFLY, CARBIOW, and REFOLUTION projects took the stage to provide insights into their processes and technologies, as well as points of connection with GLAMOUR.

Jurriaan Boon, the BUTTERFLY project


Ali Hedayati, the CARBIOW project

María Ventura Sánchez-Hornero, the BIOCTANE project


Silje Fosse Håkonsen, the REFOLUTION project

Thanks to our speakers and attendees!