Economic viability of biomass to liquid via Fisher-Tropsch, an article by Siirtec Nigi

  • 06/05/22

50 billion tons of greenhouse gases are released every year into the atmosphere. The aviation and maritime sectors contribute with 1.8 billion tons. Therefore, it is necessary to develop alternative fuels that will reduce this enormous carbon footprint.

This is the aim of the Glamour project, which will demonstrate the conversion of bio-waste feedstock such as glycerol into jetfuel and marine diesel oil by combining two technologies: Syngas generation with inherent CO2 removal using gas solid reactions, and Compact Fischer-Trospsch process with 3D printed catalyst.

As a results of the progresses achieved in the frame of the project, Lorenzo Micucci from Siirtec Nigi has released an interesting feasibility study in which the economic feasibility of a BTL-FT plants in the context of the current fuel market and the conditions for the economic viability of an investments in BTL-FT plants are explored.

Read the article Economic viability of biomass to liquid via Fischer-Tropsch” published by the Decarbonisation Technology magazine, May issue 2022 here.