Argent Energy to construct glycerine refinery and enter the chemical market by the end of next year

  • 15/12/22

Crude glycerine is recognised by The Renewable Energy Directive II (2009/28/EC) as a processing residue, generated as a by-product during the production of biodiesel. The uses of crude glycerine are limited due to its contaminants: water, salts, and MONG (Matter Organic Non Glycerol). However, Argent Energy’s decision to invest in a state-of-the-art Glycerine Refinery, using technology and equipment provided by Andreotti Impianti of Florence, (Italy) will upgrade the renewable crude glycerine created from the biodiesel process into a high purity sustainable chemical that will have better value applications across industry.

The facility is due to start production of technical grade glycerine in December 2023. The state-of-the-art Glycerine Refinery will include distillation and polishing to achieve a high purity product of 99.7%. There will also be dedicated tanks, pipelines and dedicated loading bays to avoid cross-contamination.

This is a really huge outcome of the GLAMOUR project, aimed at producing liquid fuels from waste glycerol. Argent Energy’s refinery will certainly help GLAMOUR to boost the final impact and unlock further opportunities.

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